Warranty claims

Before reporting a product fault, please check if the fault has occurred within the warranty period of two years for standard products (wear and tear parts excluded). If the product fault occurred outside of this period we unfortunately have to deny all warranty claims and will need to invoice customer field service if it was ordered.

Additionally, you should make sure that the operating conditions as prescribed by the manual were adhered to and that the installation had been carried out in accordance with the installation guidelines.


There may be many causes for a product fault; we will help you in any case.

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The most important information for your claim

  • Name of product, serial number as indicated on the nameplate
  • Date of installation
  • Kind of damage or functional fault
  • Suspected cause (if known)
  • Place of installation, address, name, and phone number of the person responsible
  • Company, name, and phone number of the client (if different from the one above)

Customer service order

Please fill out and return the order form provided to customer service in order to activate a customer service order. You will be contacted shortly after we receive the form.