ecoMatic ( 61060 + 61061 + 61062 )

Domestic water supplier with high-quality expansion tank (19 L) and water-cooled jet pump for dry installation. This domestic water supplier is equipped with an internal suction nozzle and is thereby also suited for larger water volumes since friction losses are minimized. The self-priming single-level jet pump and the external pressure switch are made of high-quality materials.
With water-cooling, integrated check valve and pre-filter.
The domestic water supplier ist perfectly suited for watering and irrigating gardens, home water supply and using rainwater.
Thanks to its handy size, it can be used both in mobile and stationary applications. It comes plug-in ready with cable and plug.

Version L is equipped with a water-cooled jet pump with integrated electronic controls with automatic on/off-mechanism depending on demand and with dry-run protection.

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