PowerClear indoor ( 25153 + 25154 + 25155 + 25156 )

PowerClear Indoor large system

Greywater system for a multi-step treatment of greywater and feeding of the filtered water into downstream clear water tank.

The different systems can treat between 1 m3 and 100 m3 water a day.

For indoor installation

Integrated technical modules for greywater recycling with micro-biological components and membrane filtration.

Ventilation of the system with a ventilator disk to support the micro biological processes, to constantly clean the filter membrane and to prolong the operational life of the membrane.

The membrane filtration ensures the safe and full retention of dirt particles with a filter pore size of 0.00005 mm. The filter module operates with single filtration sheets. This way bacteria with a size of 0.001 mm cannot pass through the membrane. The membrane filter module is situated in the casing for an optimal ventilation and an easy removal of the module from the treatment tank.

Including potable water backfeed to continue supplying the system if there is no service left.

Product advantages

  • high water quality
  • operational reliability due to integrated water backfeed
  • little installation surface required