Using free rainwater allows up to 50 % of the potable water needs of a family household to be replaced in applications where potable water quality is not required. The savings in commercial and public systems can exceed 90%. A variety of applications such as toilet flushes, washing machines, watering the garden and cleaning is possible thanks to the particularly high quality of rainwater. There are additional applications in the industrial and commercial fields. Using rainwater offers many benefits. Saving potable water lowers water costs and makes a significant contribution to environmental protection. However, there are additional benefits due to the special quality of rainwater:

  • in toilet flushing: less urine scale formation 

  • in washing machines: 50% less detergent

  • in watering gardens: promotion of plant growth 


The use of greywater, like the use of rainwater or well water, is a suitable way of reducing potable water consumed in buildings, helps protect the environment and lowers the costs of water consumption. Furthermore, less wastewater is produced as a result of recycling greywater since the water is used twice, leading to additional ecological and economic potentials. Recycling greywater basically means collecting the water used in body hygiene (shower, bathtub, hand washbasin) in a system designed for that purpose (greywater recycling system). The potable water supplied to the house is thus used a second time (as service water). 


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